Fischer Air Filter 1912-2012

The Heinz Fischer KG is a family company with a 100-year history.

Fischer air filters well-established today for technical know-how, innovation, passion for development of new products, unique ideas, and for customer service and reliability.

A company through the century, the name Fischer has remained, but the constant new demands of the market have left in the 100-year history of its mark.

The constant search for new and better solutions and products for our customers in terms of filters and air filtration techniques, as well as the curiosity and attention in the market have led to a simple craft producer for plumber equipment (1912), a manufacturer of air filter components with a very broad spectrum.

It is manufactured according to customer specifications and gladly custom-developed in technology and reliable in service and handling.
This strategy and flexibility virtues are still implemented of the 3rd and 4th generation.

Custom made for clean air

Report from the Iron Age

1912. An air filter no one thinks at this stage of industrialization. Everywhere in the world arise railways, subways and skyscrapers. For the rapid economic growth of iron is needed. Start-ups is not easy for the market, because the big companies dominate the business. Consequently, the Christian, Karl and Wilhelm Fischer brothers put on niche products. First, make more hardware for the building industry ago, the company moved from the 20s to the industrial production of pressed and stamped parts. The quality products of fishing will find buyers at the former Reichsbahn as with Daimler-Benz. During the Second World War, the production is based, the company has closed.

Evolution of the company

“Our heads are round so that our thinking can change direction,” wrote the artist Francis Picabia. Not only in art, wherever innovation is essential for survival, this set is a good counselor. The son of the founder – Heinz Fischer – provides after thorough market research, the product range in the 60s to on filter technology. Initially at the site Dettenhausen, later at the new plant in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, the company manufactures air filters for industry and transport. The technical know-how will be completely transferred to the new growth industry. Today you can find FISCHER-air filter in the machine, device or plant, office buildings, health protection in extraction systems and in busses and trains.

Made in germany

In Germany, many of our competitors producing abroad. This is certainly legitimate, but not our way. We are convinced that we find the best conditions for our innovative products in Germany. Highly trained specialists now guarantee our family business already in the third and fourth generation technological leadership. As tight as we ourselves and our employees have their roots in the region. Most of them come from one of our two locations or the immediate vicinity. Our sustained growth, marked by the gradual expansion of the corporate infrastructure, was not only in the communities, but also to our customers a stable relationship of trust arise.

Efficiency of our products

Maximum benefit with minimum resource consumption – that is the technical definition of efficiency. Our goal is to achieve the best possible results with low use of energy and resources. Our aim is not only to actively protect the environment through our filter technology, but also to conserve during the operation of our filter systems. Therefore looking for and we will always find new ways to reduce their (passive) energy consumption. This engineering feat is appreciated by our German and international customers. For them, we produce dust, odor and pollutant-filtering for equipment, process or building services, highly specialized pressure gauge and deliver beyond range of accessories. Our investment in creative development department and an efficient logistics give us the certainty that we will be able to cope in the future all challenges.