The Fischer air filter products include dust, odor and pollution filter for the device, toolbuilding, method, and building technology and equipment.
Customized filter and innovations are our strength. We develop and produce for your application to the appropriate filter.
Of course you also get the current standard programm as filtermats, cuttings, rolls or bag filter and filter cassettes.
Channel filters, filter housings, filter frames made of galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
Standard products such as bag filters, filter wheels, blanks, stampings, high performance filters, folding carton filters, dust filters, activated carbon filters (charcoal filter), filter cartridges, filter mesh cells in aluminum and stainless steel.
Customized channel filters, filter housings and  filter frames made of galvanized steel and stainless steel.
In addition, we sell pressure drop manometers with digital and analogue display technology as well as accessories, kits and measuring liquid.


Bag filters

Channel filters (several constructions)

Charcoal filters (charcoal mats cuttings)

Dust filters for tools and other application

Filter frames made of plastic / cardboard

Filter frames made of stainless steel / aluminium / galvanized steel

Pressure drop manometers and equipment

Roll material / cuttings / stampings

Special filters

Suction filters