We develop your filter according to your wishes and requirements. Please, contact our technicians directly on-site visit and work with you to find a solution for your ventilation and air conditioning technology. You do not know what filters were installed in your application and in urgent need of replacement needs, we visit you to make an inventory and make you an offer of parts required.

Custom packaging and labeling

We like to pack and label your goods as required: Individual labels, packaging film, zipper bag sets, individually as well as cartons everything according to your wishes. This will simplify the storage, eliminates a cumbersome search and their staff can concentrate fully on their work.

Product development

We will develop the appropriate filter for your application, whether small batch or standing order. Talk to us, we will find a solution for every requirement. Our dedicated engineers and in-house testing team and advanced manufacturing technology are set to individual customer requirements and rapid solutions.


Time is short and you need your goods directly to the site or to your customers – no problem, we ship completely neutral your filters to any destination in the world. We use all modern means of logistics to get your goods quickly and efficiently at your destination. Think about our environment and save unnecessary transport routes.

We are happy to help, please contact the experts

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        Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

        Why do I need air filters?

        Air filters are used for outdoor air pollution and improve air quality in enclosed spaces.

        Which air filter is right for my application right?

        Air filters are used in almost all areas of daily life. Air filters are now a matter of course if anywhere, but somehow invisible in the office, production halls, car , vacuum cleaner, passive houses , bathrooms ( without a window ) , hospitals or supermarkets you are.

        In order to find the right air filter for your application, requires only a short letter by email or call our knowledgeable sales team.

        Please send pictures if possible with and keep the dimensions of the filter has the ready , you want to replace .

        Customer Service : +49 ( 0) 7157-5641-0

        What are filter classes?

        Filter classes define the fineness of the filter medium .

        The coarsest filter class G1 is the equivalent to a filter medium with a lattice-like structure to eg To keep leaves, insects or small birds from the air away . The finest filter class is U17 , an air filter that class, eg filters Aerosols , radioactive particulate matter from the air.

        The filter classes serve as guidelines for clients and manufacturers in order to provide a uniform standard , can be produced and sold after the air filter for applications.

        These standards ( filters classification ) are valid worldwide and absolutely reliable when used correctly.

        Which filter class do I need?

        To answer this question it is important to know where you want to insert the air filter and what purpose it should fulfill .

        Please contact our customer service will advise you and will find the right solution with you.

        Customer Service : +49 ( 0) 7157-5641-0

        When should I change the filter?

        An air filter should be changed fundamentally when it is saturated .

        The points provide information on whether a filter change should be made.

        • final pressure drop is reached
        • filter is very dirty
        • Activated carbon air filter starts to smell

        See also our Youtube posts filter changes and cleaning.

        How do I replace the air filter?

        The filter change , you can easily make yourself.

        If you are unsure whether your filter is a disposable or reusable product don¬īt hesitate to contact us .

        Normally, filter media are not reuseable , but some are washable such as Metal mesh filters, filter mats of rows PSB , P15 and PA. However, this is often associated with effort and they should pay attention to always wear a mouth guard and work clothes.

        The mats can tap out , wash with warm water or cleaned in the dishwasher (only knitted stainless steel filter ) .

        It should be worn when changing filters must wear a face mask , and a vacuum cleaner to clean the system be used , or a wet wipe.

        How do I dispose of used air filters?

        Air filters are disposed of as follows :

        • Air filters are used for filtration of atmospheric air can be disposed of in normal household waste. The separation of the individual components does not present a danger , a mouth guard , however, should be worn.
        • Air filters have been used for filtration of pollutants , health gef√§hrdenen dust and hazardous materials must be disposed of in any case in the waste.

        Protective clothing and a face mask when changing the filter are urgently needed. If you are not sure about the type of disposal , please contact us or recycling company to site .

        Phone: +49 ( 0) 7157-5641-0


        Where can I buy Air filter buy for my application?

        Air filter and ventilation and air conditioning systems are a complex product area .

        Many systems are in use for years and just need to be serviced and maintained as new equipment . This also includes the regular filter changes.

        We work order-related and always try your option as far as is technically possible . Therefore, we show in our products just a small selection of possible variants, which we can supply.

        Each filter media and each frame we can produce as customization.

        Who can advise me ?

        Our sales team is looking forward to you . For questions and technical advice please feel free to get in touch:

        Phone: +49 ( 0) 7157-5641-0


        Our technicians are pleased to offer special parts , items and exclusive series and develop these together with you.

        How do I make the best of my request?

        Dear customer ,


        if you are able , please provide the following information to your request :

        – Measurement Indication length X width X depth

        – Filter class

        – Application range

        – Number of required filter