The filter frame IF is particularly suitable for applications where no tools needed and caused no great effort should filter frame IF are suitable for large channel filter walls as a combination product as well as a single filter for the small users. The filter mats can easily be carried from the open plastic mesh remove. It’s just the standard size 498 mm available with external dimensions 498 x. As the filter mat standard mat PN / 300 can either be tapped or rinsed, herewith a long and cost-effective service life is achieved. Measure of replacement filters is 490 x 490mm. The white or gray frame is made of polypropylene. The overall height is 25 mm. Optionally, a rubber seal attached to the frame. The temperature resistance ranges from -20 ┬░ C to 100 ┬░ C, please note then additionally the temperature resistance of the filter medium is set. Our technical team can advise you.