Bag filters are used in air handling equipment and apparatus. The folds of the bag filter must always be placed vertically. In order to allow for the so-called horizontal installation of half sizes vertical pocket during the construction – 305 / V / offered. The installation and exchange are possible from both the purity of how the dust-laden air side. After reaching the specified terminating resistor (typically 250-350 Pa) to the bag filters are replaced by new ones. A regeneration is not possible. In order to clamp the bag filter, the filter frame NFR be used. Read more in the datasheet NFR fitting frame. The pockets of the bag filters are made of high-quality filter mats. The frames are manufactured as standard made of plastic, a version with a steel frame is also possible. However, for technical reasons, we recommend disposing the plastic frame variant. Temperature resistance from -25 ┬░ C to + 70 ┬░ C guaranteed, high temperature versions are available on request. The frame measure is 25 mm in the plastic version and 20 and 25 mm in the steel version.