BS Frame: filter frame BS are inserted into ventilation systems in underground rails or fixedly mounted on openings. Especially useful are the BS frame when emphasis is placed on a firm connection between the base and ceiling frame. In the frame compression enabled filter mats are placed. The frame can be used as preparation or for fine filtration, the advantage is, you can also filter mats 2 superimpose (filter class G4 then F5) or 2 mats of the same quality superimpose.

BN-frame: filter frame BN are inserted into U-sections of ventilation systems or be mounted in front of wall openings. They are suitable for all compression enabled coarse and fine dust filter mats.

EV framework: filter frame EV be mounted in ventilation systems or inserted in U-rails. The standard thickness of the frame is used to receive the standard mats most frequently used with 15 mm thickness (PN / 300, P15 / 500S etc). EV frame with a smaller frame depth are equipped accordingly with thinner mats and then used for filtering out lint, small insects and other coarse dust. Our technicians will advise you competently and for your application.
BE Framework: filterframe BE be mounted in ventilation systems, loosely inserted, or inserted, for example, in U-profiles.. They are suitable for all compression enabled filter mats of coarse and fine dust filtration.

All versions can be individualized, special frame completely according to your specifications we produce also like.